I Dance to Purple Songs [playlist]

One of my favourite things to do is make themed playlists (tip: my Spotify library is a riot, don’t even bother), especially when they’re for other people, and especially when I think I’ll be expressing something or other with this little collection of tracks I spent hours selecting and agonising over. I also really wanted to do enough of something to at least be able to convince myself that I had been mildly productive on this sleepy Sunday, but I have a bad habit of second guessing myself when it comes to blog themes (I’m still working on how to be somewhat interesting). I’ve been doing a lot of writing lately, both for publications and to be stored away on my hard drive never to be seen by human eyes again, and all I’ve really wanted to discuss is music. Which is the case most of the time, really. So I spent the afternoon throwing together a playlist of, well, my favourite songs right now. I did toy with a few theme ideas – themes make things a hell of a lot easier – but nothing sparked my imagination much, and the internet doesn’t need another ‘Songs to listen to when you’re surrounded by mush on Valentines Day’ playlist which consists solely of Beyoncé songs. Because mine would. I promise.

I also really like the way this kind of playlist can act as a screenshot into someone’s life at that moment, because these songs aren’t suggestions in the hope of winning cool points nor do they need to adhere to tone or cohesion. They’re the tracks someone keeps going back to as they go about their life, and it’s definitely a fun way to get inside someone’s head when you’re lucky enough to be surrounded by people who are as passionate about music as you are.

That, of course, is far too straightforward a thing for me to do, so I’ll also be using this to talk about my synaesthesia a little. “Synaesthesia is a condition where a sensation in one of the senses, such as hearing, triggers a sensation in another, such as taste. For example, some people with synaesthesia can taste numbers or hear colours.” (Thanks, Google.) I’ve been a synaesthete for as long as I can remember and it’s a cool little personality tidbit that I give heavy credit to for my creative writing flare. The main strand of synaesthesia I experience is day/name/number/object/pretty much anything you can think of > colour (though it goes a lot further, and I’m still discovering them even at this age as ‘not things everyone does’) and so I’ll also note what colour each of  these songs is to me. I have yet to figure out if my enjoyment of music is in some way linked to the colour I see it as. I will use HTML codes, because I am a woman of the times.

Catch the embedded playlist at the bottom of the page!

1. Your Graduation – Modern Baseball



Yes, yes, I know, groundbreaking choice of Modern Baseball track. It took me a long time to get into this band the way so many people are, and I couldn’t see the attraction much beyond this song, but about a month ago it clicked and now I can’t get enough of  their stuff. I’m really excited to see them play Stereo again.


2. Sloppy Seconds – Watsky



Watsky has been, far and away, not just my most listened to artist this week but of the year so far. He is a master of words in a way I could only dream 0f, and his tunes range from damn great to damn fun. This was actually the first track of his I was told to listen to and it popped back into regular rotation for me recently when a couple of lines really caught my ear in a way they hadn’t before. Show me someone who says they’ve got no baggage/I’ll show you somebody who’s got no story/Nothing gory means no glory, but baby please don’t bore me.

3. Don’t Threaten Me With A Good Time – Panic! At The Disco



I have been asked recently if they new Panic! album is good and honestly, I wasn’t sure what to say. I don’t know if it’s good. Brendon’s lyrics are passable at the best of times and his voice is so good that it’s almost difficult to judge the songwriting independently of that, but I know I have listened to it more than I have since Pretty. Odd. was released. This track is huge, that sample works works perfectly and it definitely satisfies the twelve year old inside me who is still covered in Fueled By Ramen stickers.

4. Dance For You – Beyoncé



I said the playlist wouldn’t be entirely Beyoncé. It’s no secret that I’m a huge Bey fan, but this has been one of my favourites for a long time and I never grow tired of the way the chorus almost hits you in waves. That beat makes me want to take all my clothes off.

5. Losing Myself – State Champs



One of the few pop punk bands formed after 2003 that I still listen to, State Champs really do the by-the-numbers thing well and this is always the first place I go when I give the newest album a spin. We attract what we’re ready for.

6. Freakish – Saves The Day



A classic, of course, but it popped up the other day and it was like I was hearing it for the first time. I knew I had grown out of Saves The Day when they bored me senseless on that Brand New tour, but… this chorus just gets me, in all the glory of its emo.

7. Crumb – Lafawndah



I was given Lafawndah’s Tan EP to review recently and was very pleasantly surprised. Some of the sounds on this are crazy good and this track in particularly is delicious for the rhythm-orientated part of me.

8. Driveway Birthday – Milk Teeth



I’ve been digging the lyrics to this a lot lately when I’ve felt down and didn’t feel it could be battled with a one man Nicki Minaj dance party. Awesome band.

9. Junk – Eyedea & Abilities



I’m still getting to grips with the E&A material but keep returning to this one. Definitely not background music, it demands your attention in all the best ways.

10. Same Ol’ Mistakes – Rihanna



I’ve really been loving ANTI, and this song is a good example of the moody haziness of the whole album. The production alone makes it worth a listen.

11. We Don’t Believe What’s On TV – Twenty One Pilots



Again, the album this appears on (Blurryface) is one I’ve been really into recently but this one keeps reappearing on my day-to-day playlists. I don’t care what’s in your hair, I just wanna know what’s on your mind. I struggled to decide between this and Doubt as the Twenty One Pilots feature.


So there you have it. I encourage everyone to make similar ‘this is what it sounds like to be me right now’ playlists!




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